Equal Pay Fight Among Attorneys A Major Issue

According to the American Association for Justice, equal pay for female attorneys and other professionals is a bigger issue than ever and it is not going away any time soon. While professionals in legal fields are watching this trend questions arise as to what it may mean for women in other professions as diverse as court reporting, medicine and marketing.

While Hollywood A-Listers like Susan Sarandon and Tilda Swinton have brought the issue to a new level of awareness in the popular media it is important to remember that pay bias by gender is not a recent phenomenon and not limited to attorneys.

While Portland court reporters, Oregon doctors, and American business professionals in general are busy at their careers, a new shift is taking place with regards to perceived injustices in pay among women across the country. What this means for court reporting and law professionals is yet to be determined but it is likely more and more cases will be brought to litigation, resulting in a new wave of lawsuits. Stay Tuned!

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